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 Appliction For Mod - Will

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PostSubject: Appliction For Mod - Will   Appliction For Mod - Will EmptyMon Aug 30, 2010 12:22 pm

Hey Whoever is reading this my name is jordan.. i am 13 turning 14 on september the 4th.

My IGN Is Will. I Have Tons Of Experiance as a staff member. (Co-Owner,Mod,Admin) I kno how to
Be a staff, I no the commands and everything els.

I Do Not Abuse My Commands. I do no Abuse Players.

I Enjoy Helping Other Users when they join my favorite hobbies are Soccer,Hockey and abit of baseball.

I Do not have experience with coding sorry to tell you but i have experience with others things.

How Would You Handle a Abusive,Flaming,Offensive fight? I Would Usally warn them the first time and if they dont listen and contuine. i will give them a...
1 or 2 hour mute it depends on how bad the fight was.

What Is You're Full Name?: Jordan Tapper
Sex: Male
Do you advertize/Vote for this hotel?: Yes i do i vote once a day for the server and make youtube videos to gain more players.
You Can Also Contact me with my msn or skype. Jordan-Ink@hotmail.ca <<MSN) > I Will only give my skype to certain people.
And Thanks For reading my application i will also be trying to earn my way to admin!Smile bounce Shocked
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Appliction For Mod - Will
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