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 More Moderator Priveledges.

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More Moderator Priveledges. Empty
PostSubject: More Moderator Priveledges.   More Moderator Priveledges. EmptyFri Aug 27, 2010 5:02 pm

I believe, as a Moderator myself, that Mods deserve more priveledges. It is hard to get Admin status from Mod, as i've learned myself, so being a mod should be more fun!

I believe they should -

Be able to use ::max OR get 100m exp to spend on skills.
Be able to spawn items under the value of 10m.
Get a ring of wealth for higher drop rates.
Be able to change the little tag before their name when using ::yell to something, for instance
Mine now is [Moderator]mod_vivi: YELL
It could be changed to something like
[Phat Mod]Mod_vivi or something along those lines
and finally
Get ONE rare item of their choice, for instance a Party Hat, or a Divine Shield.

These are just a few ideas which I think would make the hard work that goes into being a moderator and becoming one a little more worth it
and alot more fun.

Thanks for reading.

Mod Vivi
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PostSubject: Re: More Moderator Priveledges.   More Moderator Priveledges. EmptyFri Sep 03, 2010 7:33 pm

I totally agree...
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More Moderator Priveledges.
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