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 Eplode - Mod- Applycation

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PostSubject: Eplode - Mod- Applycation   Eplode - Mod- Applycation EmptyFri Aug 27, 2010 10:22 am

First im going to introduce myself.

Name - Melissa Very Happy

Country - Like a Star @ heaven Netherlands Like a Star @ heaven


Why do i think im the new moderator?

I have lots of experience with 569 - 562 - 525 - and 508 Runescape private servers

What have i been before?

7x Moderator
3x Admin
2x Co Owner
1x Owner ( Made game myself but closed it cuz of my bad computer now got a new laptop Smile )

What am i able to do to help the server?
1: I can help ppl with evrything
2: i will never ban-kick-mute without any reason
3: i will never abuse any of my powers
4: i will be much online after my school
5: i can make video's ( Editing with after effect and sony vegas
6: I can advertise server's
7: if i get demoted i will accept it and not be that dumb like 99% that try's to crash server.
8: im friendly to any staff member - and user.

king Explode---

Eplode - Mod- Applycation Final13
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Eplode - Mod- Applycation
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