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 Tormented demon log

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Tormented demon log Empty
PostSubject: Tormented demon log   Tormented demon log EmptyMon Aug 23, 2010 1:37 pm

Hi, this is my kill log for td.
First, all i used was d scim and blue cape. So wasn't that easy.

Kill 1: Rune mace+bones
Kill 2: Nothing??
Kill 3: Rune squ shield+ Bones
Kill 4: Dragon med helm+bones
Kill 5: Rune chainbody+bones
Kill 6: Rune mace+bones

After 6th kill server went down, so continuing:

Kill 7: Bones
Kill 8: Nothing??

By now, I was bored to tears. But i didn't give up just yet..

Went to gwd and got 3 kills. All big bones+bones.

Then, I returned to td.

Kill 9: Ruined dragon armour lump+bones!

Dragoon scammed me. She told me i wouldn't lose items. Died after that and she wanted my cape. Luckily i got there fast and got items.

Kill 10: Rune mace+bones
Kill 11: Ruined dragon armour lump
Kill 12: Bones
Kill 13: Rune squ shield+bones

By now, nasim came on and gave me armadyl hilt Surprised

I'm selling the ruined dragon stuff+the hilt Razz anyone wants don't hesitate.

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Tormented demon log
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