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 A 99 craft guide:P

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A 99 craft guide:P Empty
PostSubject: A 99 craft guide:P   A 99 craft guide:P EmptyFri Aug 13, 2010 2:12 pm

so probably u all know but anyway most of ppl buy in shops things they need so they like dont see a craftin shop Razz
at hhome at shop place (that lil house) trade with ghost shopkeeper and buy 1 chisel and all other stones (ul need money but u also must be sure to buy more high lvl stones coz ul need more them then others) so then bank all empty onv and take chisel in ur inv and 1st stone (thats uncut opal) then use chisel with the opal to get cut opal when ur done with 1 inv bank all exept chisel and take out more uncuts ... il post now what lvls u need for what stones...

1- uncut opal
13- uncut jade
16- uncut red topaz
20- uncut sapphire
27- uncut emerald
34- uncut ruby
43- uncut diamond
55- uncut dragonstone
and 67- uncut onyx

k hope this help anyhow and wish u luck its boring but a skillcape that isnt so often is werth it Razz

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A 99 craft guide:P
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