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Server Co-Owner
Server Co-Owner

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PostSubject: RULES!   RULES! EmptyWed Aug 11, 2010 4:55 pm

this is just a rough graph of the rules:

no spamming.
no duping.
no scams.
only trade rs accounts with an admin present. (im not sure if this is allowed yet i will ask owner later)
no racism.
no flaming.(this also goes for e-thugs, keyboard warriors, and just all out rude people)
do not make a massave amount of accounts and get money off them.
no disrespecting staff. (if staff has disrespected u in anyway tell another admin)
same as all the above.
same as above.
[u][i][b]ALL STAFF:
all of the above.
there is no warnings for this u abuse once and u will get demoted and muted. just becuz u have mor epower in game doesnt mean
u have to abuse it.


if u constantly ask staff members for items, like asking me to spawn u a phat.
the first time i will say politley no staff cannot spawn for players.
that is a warning
secodn time, i will say the same thing above, but also remind u that repeating somthing over again is spamming, weather u believe it or not.
the 3rd time u ask i will say 2 words and 2 words only. last warning.
after that if u ask any staff for anything 2 hr mute, if it happens more and more it will = 24+ hours mute OR perm banning

thanks for reading


*also* i do not put up these rules to be harsh i only put them up so people can understand/and not get in trouble for doin somthing.
*note* we will probably not be so harsh on the newer players as they might notve seen forums yet.
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gods spam

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PostSubject: Re: RULES!   RULES! EmptyMon Aug 23, 2010 12:47 pm

Nice, i'll keep these in mind.
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Grape Drank

Grape Drank

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PostSubject: Re: RULES!   RULES! EmptyWed Sep 01, 2010 11:59 am

gods spam wrote:
Nice, i'll keep these in mind.

no point of that post. just lock this topic
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PostSubject: Re: RULES!   RULES! Empty

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